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    Venice Biennale


    6th to 12th of May 2024


    Performance “Gallery Overcoat” and exhibition


    At the foundation and gallery The La Storta Exhibition Space Venice – Venezia Contemporanea Association
    together with the Berlin artist Isabel Pauer.
    La Storta
    My public performance “Gallery Overcoat” will take place for 6 hours each day on different locations. The information on the performance locations will be provided at the window of the gallery.





    Exhibition opening


    “Paula in Paris”, Ratingen 2023





    “Paula in Paris”


    5. March – 30. April 2023


    Opening Sunday 05. March 2023, 12pm – 14pm.


    Live at the opening: music from TONSSON.
    The book „Mit Paula in Paris“ (Kellner Verlag) will be available during the exhibition.
    More Info: Birgit Ramsauer, kellnerverlag and kuenstlerloge

    Künstlerloge, Calor-Emag-Str. 7, 40878 Ratingen
    The “Künstlerloge” can be viewed from the outside at any time.
    The light boxes also light up at night.





    “unendlich schön”


    1. May–30. September 2022


    the most beautiful graveyards in Bavaria, “don´t get tired” of Birgit Ramsauer is a sound and porcelain installation, which associates all of the graveyards.





    For each opening the regional bishops will be present:

    Bayreuth: Sunday, 1. May, 7pm
    Ansbach: Friday, 6. May, 5pm
    Oberallershausen: Saturday, 7. May, 11am
    Regensburg: Tuesday, 10. May, 5pm
    Augsburg: Wednesday, 11. May, 6pm
    Nuremberg: Wednesday, 11. May, 7pm




    “Mit Paula in Paris”


    19. June–14. August 2022


    Duratrans in Alu light boxes + tape installation
    19. June, with live-music from Tonsson https://tonsson.de/

    Künstlerloge Ratingen
    Wilhelmring / Calor-Emag-Strasse, 40878 Ratingen



    Birgit Ramsauer Paula in Paris Rue Madame






    Tape Art Convention


    Berlin, 7.-21. May 2022


    live-Performance opening and permanent “People Drawing”, Birgit Ramsauer.
    “spinet, an experiment on total art work” performer Matthias Schwabe and friends, Exploratorium Berlin