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    I was born in Germany in 1962. Since 1992 I have been based in Berlin and New York while travelling extensively to show my work, lecture and teach at various art schools and universities both in Europe and the USA.

    I work with various media (installation, video, photography) but I see myself primarily as a performance artist, who not only aligns her own body and personality with different social environments, but also deliberately leaves behind visible traces. In the tradition of American and German Performance Art, I interfere with external contexts and mark the random remnants that other people unknowingly leave behind.

    During my performances I act as a presenter and visual translator of the everyday, rather unimpressive human actions that can take place all over the world, and I often look for the active participation of the audience. As a detective would do in a crime scene, I collect evidences that allow me to initiate an analysis of the sociological and cultural context in which my actions are taking place.