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Sat. Mar 21th 2009

Personal Cinema Winter Series 2009, "Millenium Film Forum", NYC



"I was born in Germany in 1962. Since 1992 I have been living in Berlin. I see myself as a Performance Artist, who not only associates her own body and personality with different social contexts, but also deliberately leaves behind visible traces. In the tradition of American and German Performance Art, I interfere with external contexts and mark the accidental markings that other people unknowingly leave behind.” – B.R.
“She works in DVD, as do most film artists today, with a coherent sensibility that is intuitively calculated–very much like the best experimental films during the early years of cinema. She is not at all oblivious to her sources, which include May Ray, Hans Richter, Viktor Eggling, Fernand Leger, and Maya Deren. In contrast to these seminal film artists, Ramsauer has pushed into the twenty-first century, using complex forms of digital editing, mixing black and white with color, dramatically articulating positive and negative lighting with subtle juxtapositions of narrative form interspliced with rapid flashbacks. Ramsauer’s ‘visual poems’–as she calls them–are as poetic and incisive as any of the Dada, Surrealist, and Constructivist film artists of the 1920s. As an adjunct to this cinematic poetry, Ramsauer occasionally adds the readymade architectural dimensions of the environment, both inside and outside, which multiplies the inherent possibilities for interpreting the subject matter of her films in terms of real time and space.” – Robert C. Morgan.

First part

Video Poems
(these short videos relate to poems by their abstract and meditative quality)

Ghost talk, 2008                                1 min
Death overlaps live. I still can leave a message on the voicemail of my dead friend Bill by dailing his number….

7 times jump, 2008                                1 min     
the scatebord jump becomes a ritual in time and live.

    World cup, 2008                                 3 min
The dance of light and sound celebration after a world cup game creates the simultaneous correography of a “visual firework”

    at the eleventh hour, 2009                            9 min
the elevation within a New York mansion ends in a fairytale. The Jazz composer Rosi Hertlein accompanies the elevation at the night, sound Rosi Hertlein, NYC
    Minimal outlet, 2009                                2 min
    A waterwash basin becomes an rhythmic instrument.

    Embeded, 2009                                2 min
A rhythmic dedication to the hallway of Goethe Institut in New York City. A collaboration with the Jazz composer Rosi Hertlein, sound Rosi Hertlein, NYC

    wheel ballett, 2006                                4 min
a scene in the streets of Manhattan at night, the wires seem to dance. They tell stories, the specator can imagine. At the end the storie ends with the choice between safety or freedom - public space in a new turn?
City bike, 2001                                    9 min
A bike ride through the night in Manhattan.

mouse click, 2008                                3 min
transitions happen everywhere: city movement in another perspective and dimension….

midsummernights dream, 2006                        4 min
Central Park in summertime. Minimalistic found objects tolf by wind and sound…..

Second part

layer by layer, 2008                                        5 min
a portrait of the blind composer Heinrich I. Hartl, commissioned by the program “blind spot” of the cultural city of Linz, Austria,
sound Heinrich I. Hartl
Go Home, 1999/2002                                        15 min
It is the drive from Nuremberg to the home town of my husband`s mother, an hours drive through a typical Frankonian area and streets, which are handmade renewed. So the pattern of the streets are in various greys and a little bumpy.
It is about the feeling of time and space, if one knows a route very well.
So there is the element of the main street part, which is several times repeated. It is interrupted by little sequences of very unique parts of the route. These  immediately wake up the senses, which are normally in a low level during such a well known route. The main sequence street part is accelerating towards the end - overlapped at the very end by the expected situation of the mother, waiting at home.
The whole video is about memory participating and transforming the impression of such a drive. The time feeling is relativated to knowledge and memory.
Sound Stefano Giannotti, Lucca, Italy

The Judgement of WW, 2004                                    20 min
a surrealistic criminal story in reminiscence of  the 20th century Bremen artist Heinrich Vogeler:

Working and living as a scholar at the art Foundation “Kuenstlerhaeuser Worpswede” I collected stories of bad dreams among the other scholars and my own during their stay at the house of Heinrich Vogeler.
I imagined that  his artistic and political radical visions turned against him in real life. It destroyed his family, his relationships to his friends. At the end of his life he went to Russia to take part in the Communist revolution. He finally died because of hunger lonely in the Stalin era in the middle of nowhere in Kasachstan.

In my video Performance “The Judgement of WW” I visualized my inner status of sentimental connection in the nightmares through the time and worked on this unhappy artist’s live during the period of time end of 19th century, begin of 20th century in Worpswede Village.
The fate of the former owner now peaks into present time. In an atmosphere of nightmares inexplicable scenes do not find solutions. With the stile of the silent film the titles and texts add a layer of poetic surrealism. Nevertheless it is allowed to smile. In vain the curious neighbours and visitor of the museum watch and try to understand…
Sound D. Schostakowitch

A Munich - er in Heaven, 2008                                    30 min
A collaborative film of the 2nd International Munich art film festival.
The festival aims to be the frame for an interfractionary collaboration of filmmakers and performance artists, computer artists, advertisment filmmakers.
It collects people working in the medium of film and video without a field selection in terms of technic and material. That way it creates a dialog of the different fields. The exchange in a high level with colleagues provides new experiences for the own professional work.
The same time an international independent network will help to built a creative group of people without the bound of field borders. Also within one day the participants create a collaborative film together.
Participants: Stefano Giannotti (composer, video, Lucca), Pascale Grau (performance, Basel), Thea Herold (Word performance, Berlin), Gerd Stern (poet, wordperformance, NYC), Georgij Litichevski (comic art, performance, Moscow), Markus Kreiss (artist TV founder, video, Paris, Cologne), Birgit Ramsauer (video, performance Berlin, NYC).


11. April, 2008

“Auf den Hund gekommen”, Susi-Wau, Berlin

Die internationale Künstlerin Birgit Ramsauer fotografiert und experimentiert in der ihr eigenen Polaroidtechnik seit ihrem Aufenthalt in Moskau im Jahr 1998. - Sie bearbeitet die innerhalb von drei Minuten entstehenden Polaroidfotos sofort direkt vor Ort. In einem zweiten Schritt verändert Birgit Ramsauer ihre Polaroidfotos nochmals digital, sodass sie zu Malereien werden. Die Polaroids werden auf Duratransmaterial übertragen und in Lichtkästen präsentiert.
Die Ausstellung bei Susi Wau präsentiert Hundportraits von Berliner und New Yorker Hunden.
Es ist auch möglich sich ein Portrait vom eigenen Hund in dieser Technik während der Ausstellungszeit von eigenen Hund machen zu lassen