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.... after 
Sep 11th
  There is a blank in
My mind like a cut
In a lense. -
There are two
Facing each other. -
There is a restless
Expolding to all sides. -

Since then

  In my dreams

In My dreams my familiy dies
In my dreams the people cry.

In my dreams there is the knowledge
In a dream there is the answer

But there is still nothing
When I awake.

  P + L + S

Catch drums and the fire
Spots the dog
Follow the picky meter
Of the time of the year -
Of the cold.

Chasing behind the beath

Two towers and the smell
Of flesh forgets about 
the poor
sur hashing with their

  Helltran carries the old dead
Man with the bike towards 
The UN
Sandtonners block the road
Of freedom and make the 
War come to NYC in the
Dust of vipers.

Dream pathos crosses the
Entrance and a
Helena appears with no
And signs about the death
An the birth
I hear the ships blow
Their horns.

  The Seagull

The seagull starts to cry
Wacking through his friends

The inner center of his father
Take center of his father
Takes the leg.
And puts it aside.
Crying in front of his mirror

The life is never as it was
The hospital watches every
Push of your lungs.

Centralizing your threat to-
Wards the twins
Makes the month
Coming back -

Dedicated help


For me the big wing of the
Broken window is locked.
The wheelchair drecked into
A hole.

Lonely it whipes the rubber
Towards the air
Not a snatch farewells the

Glim, glam - glow
Hinders the self to drink
The water of the towers.

Never alone - twins.

  Ditch - bitch - scratch - match
Hole - mole - grawl - small - hall
Snop - mop - crop - slop - hop
Murmer -
Shutter - 
Crowd -
            -- subway        in the morning

  talks about it

speeding into the cloud of rollerblading
of life - black haired power
surfaces different in colors
not forgotten from fate
tired wild good by in the morning
organized differently, allways
open to emotionalized outrage
smiles at life
hands over the fire, concepts
the wire of strengh


talk about life!