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Video Poems

Birgit Ramsauer
wheel ballet - NYC
triste valse - Worpswede
midsummer nights dream - NYC
skyline - Amsterdam
wugstory - Weissenburg
urban waterfall - Berlin
citybike - NYC


wheel ballet, a scene in the streets of Manhattan at night, the wires seem to dance. They tell stories, the specator can imagine. At the end the storie ends with the choice between safety or freedom - public space in a new turn?
triste valse, a dance with the spirit of D. Schostakowitsch and H. Vogeler
midsummer nights dream, Central Park in summertime. Minimalistic found objects tolf by wind and sound…..
Skyline, a scenerie at Amsterdam airport, a “sky – line” in the background as well as a “sky – line” in the forground. The leveld move.
wugstory, a children´s game in Germany: Read the car licences DADA like. The poem is born….