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Spider & Mouse Gallery

Jul 13th - Jul 31st
Yellow gaffers tape
, egg, transportation bag
Karin Desmarowitz

Spider & Mouse gallery grew out of the former studio space of Marina Perchissima. Today it is a favourite meeting place and exchange for non conformist thinking people of the art scene.
During Soviet time this room was a small hidden place underneath the stair case, where artists during Soviet time worked. It was not allowed for non official artists to work artisticly during this period. Marina and Igor found this place, when they reconstructed Igor's studio to open the Gallery Spider&Mouse in 1994. Marina used it in a very special way: "Into this room I put down the permanent collection of my main project - Unknown Artist Museum - Andrey Blagov's heritage - by this way it became my hero's studio-museum."
This Summer she will open up this little hidden place within the gallery the first time for exhibitions. To exhibit there it is a symbol for Marina going together with the reconstruction of Perstroika all over Russia. I feel very honored to be invited to be the first to install "Eggplosion" there. I will put the installation with the deconstructed parts of a plastik bag like an explosion. All six levels of the bag will be fixed at the six surfaces of the space. On the floor sitting on the bottom part of the bag I put down a raw egg.