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Walk the Wall
part of exhibition "Heterotopien", DNA gallery

Potsdamer Place
Apr 9th
fluorescent streetworkers dress, flourescent warning triangle, white lime sand bricks

Karin Desmarowitz

The 10th anniversary of the wall coming down happened to be five years ago in 1999. Starting October 3rd I realized my project ART : HOME -- LESS in Berlin. In these performances, actions and installations I marked and analysed the left overs from the former two seperated parts of Germany: here especially West- and East-Berlin.

In 2004 the fifteens anniversary of the wall coming down is taking place. In my performance "Air Condition" I was in 1999 marking the Western part of the line of the wall all the way throught the inner part of Berlin (this performance is documented in "the Legend of Potsdamer Platz" of the filmmaker Manfred Wilhelms, presented in 2001 at the Berlin Berlinale, Arsenal Cinema).
Most of the Potsdamer Platz was in this time overtaken by construction. I had to interrupt my performance from the S-Bahn station Potsdamer Platz till the begin of Tiergarten park area.

I will connect the former performance by performing my performance "Walk the Wall I" at 9th of April, 2pm 2004.

By walking the number of 40 white brickstones I will perform now the missing link. The number of piled stones connect perfectly from floor to bottom in DNA Gallery, where the documentation will be shown afterwards. I walk the wall by picking up the stones in the back and adding it to the front again.

A wall is seperating, is cutting, is a capitulation without a dialog, an understanding, it is a barrier, a barricade, it hides...

My wall gives up the static cold, the frozen status, it is moving, I walk it like a dog all the way along the former wll line. This symbolic piece of architecture is moving along a historic part of Berlin and is present again for a moment - 15 years after the wall was coming down.