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material: fluorescent gafferstape, a Spinet with a chair made by the company J.C. Neupert in Bamberg, Germany, fluorescent pink and green artificial fur as a carpet with shoam foar board inlet, loudspeakers, CD-player
Spinet+carpet: 160x100x170 cm
in cooperation with: J.C. Neupert,
historical music instruments, Bamberg

Oct. 21, 2004: Discussion "Modern Music and Historical Instruments" and Concert, Great Hall, The Cooper Union, NYC

Oct. 22, 2004: Discussion "Gesamtkunstwerk" and Concert,
Great Hall, The Cooper Union, NYC

12.-14. Sep 03, Uraufführung of composition by Heinrich Hartl, and exhibition of Atlanta iris prints, reception for human rights price, Nuremberg

A reconstruction of the original Rokoko instrument is designed in a contemporary installation. Past is meeting the presence in colour and form. The corpus of the instrument is green on the outside. The inside is yellow painted. The top is taped with fluorescent gafferstape. The tape lines are crossing in the center of the top, where the support is placed. On the backside of the top the stripes are running out in a regular order system.
The installation becomes the inspiration for contemporary composers of all over the world to write music dedicated especially to the instrument in this specific art design.

Stefano Giannotti (Italy), Heinrich Hartl (Germany), Gloria Coates (USA, Germany), Horst Lohse (Germany), Aldo Brizzi (Brasil), Frieder Butzmann (Germany), Arnold Dreyblatt (USA, Germany), Enrico Cocco (Italy), Charles Morrow (USA), Georg Nussbaumer (Austria), Katharina Rosenberger (Switzerland)
Additional Collborative Partner are: Dancers Jeremy Nelson, Luis Lara (USA, New Zealand), the poet Gerd Stern (USA), the philosopher Aloisia Moser (Austria), who writes an essay about the "Idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk today" in relation to the "Spinet" project. Ther word and writing performer Thea Herold will have a dialog with the spinet.
The composers come from divers approaches of music: classical, film, minimal, jazz, rock etc.
The list is constantly expanding. This is an ongoing developing project.

Two Spinet Players:
Egino Klepper (Germany), Jens Barnieck (Germany)