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Double Interventions

Goethe Institute, solo exhibition
11/07 - 12/13
fluorescent green, pink, red and yellow gafferstape, museums cardboard

Joe Ovelman, Karen Tompkins, Birgit Ramsauer

"Double Interventions" was planned a long time ago. When it came to realise this installation the attack on 11th of September 2001 had happened just 6 weeks ago before the opening. Nothing was as it was before. So I changed my installation work in some facts. I did not want to built an installation easily to read as a related work to September 11th, because everything was still too close. But I wanted to relate and to honor the remembrance of this attack in a relation I brought into my installation.

The fluorescent gafferstape drawing has now two center parts of crossing - realted to the two towers. The parts of the crossings are relatively three dimensional because of the voluminous material gafferstape. The two center points in the drawing are in its relation towards the whole scale of the drawing directly related to the standpoint of the box within the entrance area of Goetheinstitut on Fifth Avenue.
The drawing on the floor, which is installed in a performance act during one day is directly related towards the box. The crossing center of the drawing at the sidewalk is beneath the box. The tape is drawn till the end of the entrance area and towards the fence on the other side. It is blocking the entrance door. When I stretched the tape is was blown away into a slide curve structure. So the wind, as an element of this days condition and a location characteristic were directly included into my installation/performance at the Goetheinstitut.
After a few days the sidewalk installation, not the drawing in the box, was reconstructed into a sculpture which went together with the photodocumentation of all performance into the lobby of the institut. The drawing in the box remained outside, as well as the sculpture and the documentation inside, for one month.