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Art Forum, 7hours, solo exhibition
fluorescent red, pink, green and yellow gafferstape

50.000 x 10.000 x 3.000 cm
five days á 8 hours, performance


Karin Desmarowitz

During five days I create a drawing with the people in an extrem busy and fast environment, the
Art Forum Berlin.
Everybody is very tied in his schedule and I am working against this speed. My perfomance slows the people down. They have to take their time to create their own drawing within the drawing of the environment. The location of the drawing is a location inbetween: there is located a little kiosk, the toilettes, the exit towards the park, no galleries.

Every day another tape color appears in the drawing: first red, than pink, green and at the end yellow. The tape colors change from darker towards brighter and grow into a three dimensional drawing - painting.

The finished drawing and the photodocumentation are a psychological mirror of the situation Art Forum Berlin 2001, the visitors the manners, the location.

At the very end I rebuilt the gafferstape drawing into a gafferstape sculptur.