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Contemporary Art Center, Art Party, solo exhibition
flourecent red gafferstape, 2 inch
1500cm x 800cm x 250cm
Birgit Ramsauer

I tape around the part of the body of the visitors, which is attached to the surface. It is not the outline I am interested, it is the physical part of the body one can feel is in contact with the surface. During 8 hours the people's statement in figuring within the space I make visible.
It is a drawing with people. People are composing themselves as a part f the ongoing drawing. The same time it is a psychological picture of the social group of this evening. I am the "pen" of the people.

"HUSH!", the word, means something like "freeze" for a moment, stop your movement, be aware of your movement, your body in the space, of your part in the performance-drawing.